Why is this man still threatening America?


Personally, when I saw this video I was completely amazed. Osama is still around? It's hard to believe, but not only is he alive and well, but still threatening the U.S. Incredible! Regardless of my political feelings, I had the sense that Osama was in some cave somewhere barely alive, or permanently crippled or something. He seemed fine to me on television.

So here's the October surprise which will be spun incredibly by both parties. But honestly, this is incontestable proof that George Bush is a shamefully inept leader and a person who cannot protect America. Bin Laden should not be on TV threatening us, he should be dead. The reason he's not? Because George Bush is incompetent, incapable and weak.

Listening to Republican Television right now, and you'd think that this is some sort of rallying cry around Bush. Of course they're going to say that, but it's 100% Bush's fault that Osama is still alive to threaten us. Bush has done nothing but lead this country into ruin. We have record debt, the highest gas prices in history, unemployment, we're involved in a rapidly deteriorating war in Iraq, and the fight against Al Qaeda that should have been the main focus of this admininstration has been forgotten to the point that Bin Laden can appear on national TV and tell us in so many words to fuck ourselves.

George Bush has made our country weak and risks every American's life with his inability to lead. Please, please do not vote for him on November 2nd.


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