Don't Forget Abu Ghraib


When chatting with Pro Bush supporters, remind them of Abu Ghraib. The torture at the prison wasn't the case of "some bad apples," but rather a direct result of George Bush's policies which allowed the U.S. military to ignore and suspend the Geneva Convention and basic human rights. It's quite possible that Bush himself sanctioned the extreme measures taken at the prison, or if not, he at least did everything he could to ignore the abuses and do nothing to correct the mistakes in the military. What do you think is going to happen to American prisoners of war from now on?

Look at what Amnesty International thinks of the Human Rights Abuses at Guantánamo Bay. And look at the fact that *hundreds* of prisoners - the supposedly most dangerous criminals and terrorists in the world - have been released and are free after years of detention with out charges.

But it's not just foreigners our government is imprisoning, Jose Padilla - a U.S. Citizen - was taken away in 2002 and imprisoned without charges, directly violating the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This could happen to you.

Vote No to George Bush tomorrow.


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