Bloggers and Voters: Don't Believe The News


I erased the last post. I tried to repeat news about first votes in New Hampshire close to where I lived and went to High School because I thought it was interesting and anecdotal. After getting the wrong news from MSNBC, then getting the wrong news again, then trying to update the news (but misreading) from an AP article, I give up. For the last hour the info on this site has been wrong, and countless aggregators now have a copy of that misinformation. This is bad.

Bloggers: Don't repeat my mistakes. Let's not add to the misinformation tomorrow.

Voters: Don't believe what any news organization tells you. Go vote. Go stand in the freezing rain or the snow or whatever for as long as you need to and don't believe what you hear in the media and *especially* weblogs - which have no fact checkers. Until everyone votes, the election's not decided.

Okay? Sorry I'm such a moron. Please learn from my boneheadedness.


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