I Want Konfabulator Mobile!


I've written about Konfabulator before, but I just snagged the Windows version of Konfabulator and I have to say how freakin' cool it is. It's like functional eye-candy. The app itself sits in the task-tray and all the pre-installed desktop widgets all look fantastic and do very cool stuff. I particularly like the calendar and photo album widgets, though some of the other applets are cool as well. It's amazing to me that years after Active Desktop, a company can come along and show how to take a basic concept of desktop widgets and do it right.

The most incredible part is how easy it is to develop the widgets. An XML document with JavaScript and some images, done. WOW! The files are actually packaged in a simple zip file as well. As a developer I can totally appreciate the elegance of all this. Oh what I would give to have this sort of ease-of-devlopment on the mobile side. Seriously, compare this to J2ME, or Python, or Flash Lite, or Symbian C++ development and come back to me. Someone should definitely create a Konfabulator-style JavaScript intepreter for S60 phones, it would rock the house.

Wow, very neat. Inspiring.


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