We went to go see the Incredibles tonight, all three of us. Alex (who's 2 and a half) sat through the entire movie like a champ and was completely enthralled. We were a bit worried as it was his first movie experience, but we went during the afternoon and he enjoyed every moment. Not a fidget, though at one point he decided to tell the entire audience (also filled with kids) what he thought of the movie in a loud voice. That was amusing in that embarassed parents sort of way.

Personally I thought the action scenes were pretty great - especially Dash's race around the island you can see a bit of in the previews. There were definitely some slow moments, though. It wasn't *quite* as incredible as the buzz would have you believe. It's too bad Pixar can't seem to capture that non-stop fun that was Toy Story (is there a bad moment in that movie?), but I guess as they produce more movies on a production-line type schedule, the quality is going to get a little less each time.

The next movie smacks of a marketing department gone wild at Disney. Cars has obviously been targeted at Red Stater NASCAR Dads and their Hee-Haw lovin' families, so it looks like we'll have to skip a year or so before the next big Pixar movie. I bet you $150 the soundtrack to Cars will be Country music, bleh. I got annoyed having to sit through that trailer a second time...

Anyways, Incredibles is good fun. Lots of action and good for the little kids too. Especially boys who like helicopters and trains.


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