Mobitopia Web Chat!


In an effort to include more people into the Mobitopia online discussion, I've added a Flash Based IRC client to the mobitopia website. Now people who have no idea what IRC is or how to use it, can with a click of a button join the 24/7 chat we've got going in #mobitopia.

You can try it by clicking here.

I grabbed this open source Flash client from the French site WDMedia. It's pretty cool and though it's a bit buggy with all the people we have in Mobi it seems to work well. Because it's Flash, it comes up quick and is supported by a large majority of PCs out there. In case that's not working for you, All About Symbian does has a Java Chat Applet you can try out here which also points to #mobitopia.

Try it and tell me how you like it. I love the idea that a direct link to the chat is now going out to everyone in the aggregator. One click and you're chatting. If anyone knows anything about Flash and wants to work on that client, it's open source. I'd love to fix some of the problems myself, but Flash's timeline interface gives me fits. When are they going to come out with a proper IDE?!?

What would be really cool is a GMail-like Javascript engine based chat client. Something that uses the browser, but doesn't keep the throbber throbbing with an open connection to the server to chat (like cgi:irc). Maybe that's GMail's next feature? Hmmmm.


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