N-Gage's Pathway to Glory: One of the best multi-player games, ever?


Over at All About N-Gage, Ewan reviews the new Pathway To Glory game for the N-Gage and spares no hyperbole in his enthusiasm. "Pathway to Glory might just be one of the best multi-player games. Ever." he says... Wow. He likes it a lot. Go check out his review for the whole story.

I have to say, I've played the demo which is available online and I wasn't too excited. I just never got into war games. First, because they're about war, which sucks and shouldn't really be celebrated or drilled into the minds of young kids as a good thing. I guess I'm *way* too late on that front, oh well. But secondly, I don't have the patience for games like this. If I'm going to shoot at and blow shit up, I want to do it quick and furiously, not step by step.

But ahh, one thing I *do* like to do is play with others - and this is where Pathway to Glory shines. Again, Ewan reviews it:

Arena Multiplayer

Finally, we come down to the jewel in the crown of Pathway to Glory. Toe to toe combat over GPRS. It's exactly like playing a local bluetooth game, I kid you not. There's almost no latency. You're playing real time, and it's with other people logged onto the Arena no matter where they are in the world. Arena games can have up to 16 players on a battlefield, each controlling three soldiers. Yes that's 48 troops on one map. When you join a game, it could be close to the start, or you could be the reinforcements in an ongoing battle. It's fast and furious, great fun, and it means that Pathway is going to have a huge amount of replay value.

WOW. That sounds awesome. I can't wait to play this! I guess Nokia just gave me a reason to actually buy the game now, hey? Smart guys over there in Finland. :-)

Very, very cool. I think this bodes well for the whole genre in general. I can't wait to see the first game that uses EDGE or UMTS data speeds. Imagine playing Doom while waiting for the bus or riding CalTrain to work? :-)


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