Fame as a Writer


I just somehow noticed that Douglas Coupland has a new book out that I haven't read yet: Eleanor Rigby. I have no idea what it's about, but I'll probably get and read it anyways. Though I'm really not sure why I continue reading Coupland's books since I haven't really liked any of his stuff since Microserfs. I guess I'm just waiting for lightening to strike twice.

Imagine writing a book which named a generation? That would pretty much be as much validation for a novel as you'd ever need. And seriously, I remember reading Microserfs in 1995 and being completely awed at the story. It was obviously about techies my age, and I related with the characters on a level which I hadn't ever previously. Plus I got fooled by the Wired story.

I should really get around to writing a novel. Even a bad one. Just to say I did it. My dream of course would be to create a book with the style and humor of Douglas Adams and the pop-culture cred of Douglas Coupland. Win a big prize for literature and hang out on an island somewhere counting my royalties.

Okay, maybe not. ;-)


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