DayPop 25 and $150

Astoundingly, my theories of how to get hits has once again proven true, and MacSurfer didn't even bother to link to me this time! (I think they could see through my deceptions.) Post about Apple and get hits: simple and effective. And hey, on the same day I decide to change how my ads display! What a coincidence!

Okay, no, I didn't actually write about Apple to generate a bunch of links just to increase my ad revenues. But fuck if it didn't work out that way! I'm currently 25 on DayPop and the AdSense ticker for today is topping $150. That's *10 times* what a good day on this weblog earns in ad revenues. Crap, I should've thrown some salacious Google reference in there and a picture of a people have sex as well! I'd be rich, rich, rich! Okay, maybe not.

My November numbers have reached huge numbers (for me): 77k unique IPs and a million page views. Insane. The problem with the Ads of course is that you always start to extrapolate how rich you'll be at the end of the month if you have 30 days the same as today, which doesn't ever seem to happen. But still, one can dream.


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