Dr. Doval's Next Big Thing

Diego is currently wrapping up at Clever Cactus, his company he cofounded which made Java-based P2P focused desktop apps including an Outlook killer and "Share" a file sharing app for social networks. He's spent the last year or so cranking away at the code and trying to make it into a business, but it didn't just didn't work out.

I haven't gotten as far as Diego has into something before it blew up, so I don't know exactly how he feels, but I can imagine he's not particularly enthused at the moment about life. Well, yes and no. It's great when you can finally cut your losses and get on to the next big thing rather than continue slogging on forever down the wrong path. Still, it sucks not to have gotten it right the first time, no?

Anyways, Dr. Doval is Whip Smart with a PhD in some Heavy Shit and he's looking for work. He'd come to Cali in a moment if he could get a visa (he's an Argentinian with a U.S. degree living in Ireland at the moment) but since that's probably not going to happen, he's hanging out in Dublin ready to go.

Give him a call if you've got some heavy technological lifting to do.


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