MoMo next Monday!


Mike has updated the Mobile Monday USA blog with info about next week's inaugural MoMo meetup:

* Where: 21st Amendment ( 563 2nd Street in San Francisco
* When: December 6th starting at 7:00pm
* Who: Anyone interested in mobility
* RSVP: miker at

This meeting, I'm sure, is going to be very mellow as we've lost momentum a bit since this summer. But hopefully over the next several months we can grow the group a bit, invite guest speakers and more. I'd really like to see it get as hip as the one in the Wireless Watch Japan video.

And yes, we're *definitely* going to hold the January 3rd meeting somewhere in the Valley so that people who work down there (like myself) don't have to truck all the way up to San Francisco by 7 p.m.


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