Back up to speed

For some reason yesterday, I was completely not in the mood to blog. I'm not sure why... it could have had something to do with this hang-nail from hell that I currently have on my left ring finger. My god it hurt until I just did some drastic surgery. Now it's red and chopped up and aches a little, but at least it doesn't hurt to touch things (like my keyboard). Seriously, last night if it wasn't for the S, W and X keys, I would have taken out the steak knife and did some amputation.

I guess I've been in "input" mode for a while, which makes it hard for me to spout off. I've also got a ton of emails to answer as well. But now I'm in the mood again as displayed from this post which says essentially nothing. How can you tell when you're a real blogger? When you go one day without posting and feel horribly bad about it. Also, if you've been waiting for an email from me for a bit, expect a response soon.


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