Mobile Monday on January 10th!


MoMo is next Monday, Mike just put up a post about it on the Mobile Monday USA site:

January 10th Agenda

Next Monday is the first Mobile Monday meeting of 2005. The topic is "The Mobility Ecosystem in the Bay Area", and we're going to have at least three different speakers:

  • Mike Rowehl - What is Mobile Monday?
  • Romain David - The Orange Partner Program
  • Russell Beattie - Mobility Happenings in the Bay Area

There might be other speakers also, I'll post an update if there are. We'll start off with the presentations. Each one should be very short, 15 minutes or less. Just enough to whet everyone's appetite and fuel the discussion, which starts immediately after the presentations. There will be a few minutes for questions after each presentation, but the focus is on keeping things rolling instead of discussion in depth. The discussion is just free form networking, not a guided discussion. So be ready to hobnob, and pay attention to people who ask interesting questions during the presentations so that you can snag them later and start a conversation.

We took feedback from the last couple of get-togethers, so we're back to Dimension 7 studios (instead of a restaurant/bar) and making the meeting a bit more organized. However, there's also going to be drinks and a lot of time for shmoozing as well.

We're still looking for better presenters, so if you know of anyone in the industry, please get in touch with us! We've had around 30 people each session so far and I hope January's will be even bigger. This time I'm going to make a real effort to take video and pictures (the ones from December came out too dark).

To keep up to date, we've also created a MoMoUSA Yahoo Group as well (RSS Feed here).

The name change seems to have gone over well. Mike met with one of the founders of the original Mobile Monday in Finland a few weeks ago to get his blessing, and Marc Brown from BuzzNet wants to create a MoMo in Los Angeles! So it's slowly expanding and improving! Join the revolution! :-)

See you next week!


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