It's Mobile Monday!


Hey! Reminder that tonight is Mobile Monday! We're back at Michael O'Rourke's fantastic Dimension 7 Studio (150 Folsom Street in San Francisco) which should give us plenty of room and we don't have to compete with the football fans for space or noise. There's plenty of parking there as well. We're meeting at 8 p.m. tonight (I just noticed now), which is a bit late, but should give those of us who work in the valley time to schlep up to The City.

We're hopefully going to center on a format tonight as a happy medium between lectures and mingling, with about 30-45 minute or so of presentations and then the rest of the time going to networking. If you happen to be in town for MacWorld, stop on by! And if you happen to have access to a Moto iTunes phone, hey, bring it along... ;-)

See you there!


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