Grokking Mobile Design

If you want to read a mobile blog by someone who *really* gets mobility, check out Anita Wilheim's Blog. Especially today's post about mobile design:

It's not about extending the desktop. It's not about interacting with the desktop. It's about making the mobile device a central unit and it's about placing a focus on the whole system... the phone and the desktop (maybe even the TV and radio). It's about figuring out when to push, when to pull, when to alert, notify, sync, and require confirmation. It's mostly about throwing out many of the interaction principles we've learned about and creating ones that make sense for that time and space.

Anita's living my entrepreneur dream at the moment: She and her partner got funding for a mobile-oriented startup and they're cranking away at the next million dollar idea. I'm sooo jealous! ;-)


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