Monday's MoMo Update


Yesterday I didn't talk about how fantastic Monday night's Mobile Monday event was. It was standing-room only with at least 60 people showing up on a drizzly San Francisco Monday evening to hang out, watch our four presenters (Mike, Romain, Tom and Eleanor) and then hang out with the free beer and network with others in the mobile space. We couldn't believe the turnout. It was astounding to see what's happening here in Silicon Valley in the mobile space.

We finally got the format down: We had several people give short 15-20 minute presentations and then broke up to hang out and chat and it worked really well. Many of us were there until midnight still chatting away about the industry. I can't believe I didn't take pictures of everyone chatting afterwards! It just gets so crazy so fast with so many people to meet that I forget! (If you've got more pics, send them to me and I'll put them up on the new MoMo flickr site.)

After the presentations were over before we started mingling, I stood up and asked to get a general census of the people who attended. We were amazed to see a 50/50 split between the techies and the product development folk, and a clear majority of the people who were there were entrepeneurs and small companies. It was really inspiring to talk to all these really cool people all doing really neat stuff in the mobile space.

In the future we're going to make an effort to get more of the "big names" in mobility at the sessions as well (like OpenWave or Danger). February's get together will feature presentations on "Mobile Media" and I'm going to try to get some people from Adobe or Macromedia to come and present as well as the speakers we already have (Anita!). Also, if you're a VC or know of one, I would recommend you stop by to see what's happening in the industry. There's *a lot* of smart entrepeneurs attending with great ideas who will be able to make you lots of money.

In general the transition to Mobile Monday has really worked out. I look forward to increased participation as we go forward. Definitely join or RSS subscribe to the mailing list to participate in the direction of the meetings, share ideas with us, etc.



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