Keynote traffic bump


I've been using Stat Counter on my web pages for the past week or so and it's really nice. Though I like Awstats, it's interesting to see clean stats of just the real page views, discounting RSS, images and referrer spam, etc. The best thing is that it took 14 seconds to add to the bottom of my page template and no one saw the difference since it's invisible Javascript, not an ugly web counter.

Anyways, here's the graph for the last week through yesterday. Nice bump from the Apple keynote, hey? The amusing (sorta) thing is that my ads show no increase in revenue. Tons more people are showing up to the site, but the percentage of people clicking on the ads decreased so that I actually made more money on Tuesday (by a few cents) than on Wednesday. Yesterday showed a $5 increase though, so I think as time goes on there will be more people searching that actually want to buy things, thus will click on ads and I'll get a lot more residual value from the posts.


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