I really am just blown away at how great everyone was for my birthday! Thanks to everyone who joined me last night for dinner, Seni, Mike, Elle, Michael, Anita, and Tantek. It was a nice quiet dinner filled with great conversation (read: an audience for my boring stories), exactly what I wanted. Thanks a bunch for coming out!

And then I came home tonight from work to find the above card waiting for me from the Mobitopians!!! Half a Mac Mini!!! W00t! Craig, Erik, Ewan, Frank, Gustaf, Jim, Martin, Matthew, Matt and Tom! WOW! THANKS! You guys TOTALLY ROCK!!! I cannot believe you organized this present! For everyone who doesn't realize, these guys all live around the world from each other and myself. I am completely gratified, amazed and humbled. You guys rule! I am SO going to be the first guy in line tomorrow. :-)

Thanks again to everyone!


Update: Matt explains how they pulled it off. :-D

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