While watching television outside my demographic the other night...


Here's a post on two wildly different topics linked only tangentially and a header graphic that's even less more loosely related. If you've ever heard me talk in person, this is pretty much how I communicate verbally as well. Might as well have a post or two that simulates this.

I've been recording XPlay on my TiVo lately. A few weeks ago I was thinking about buying a game console for what seem like very long weekends, but decided against it. But during the process I was watching XPlay to decide which platform had the types of games that I want to play. I'm actually predisposed to the Nintendo GameCube: I've been playing Gameboy games for over a dozen years now, so I already have a real attachment to their brand, the GameCube has many of the types of games I like (Mario Sunshine, Double Dash) and for $99 it's cheap as hell. That said, it's a dying platform without network support, so it's hard to justify any investment in it.

Instead I downloaded Half Life 2 and started playing that on my PC instead. Wow, what a killer game. The graphics are incredible and the game engine is insanely good. My two year old Toshiba Celeron 2Ghz with an old NVidia laptop chip ran the game without problems. I was amazed. My coworker Gerald let me borrow Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast for my new Mac mini and it runs like a dog in comparision. PCs still win the gaming platform war there.

Anyways, the other day I happened to notice some of the ads as they Blipverted by me (see picture above). They were SMS ads for Jamster and other companies! Woohoo! I've been waiting for these ads to appear. Back in 2001-2002 they were all over Spanish late-night television, so I see these obnoxious "Sir-Mix-A-Lot on your Cellphone!" ads as a sign that the mobile market is starting to hit mainstream. Cool!

Um, yeah. I'm procrastinating... shhh...


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