I get to use the gym!


So on Monday morning I'm going to trade in my blue Contractor badge, and swap it for a spanky indigo Employee badge and become a full timer at Yahoo! This just happened during the last couple of days. I was coming to the end of my current contract, and Y! extended a great offer to join full time and after some thought I decided to take it. Though I'd love to start my own company or join a little startup already in progress, the opportunities at Yahoo are just too big to pass up. It's literally an opportunity to change the world, how can I say no?

That said, this blog will remain, as much as I can make it, an independent entity, but I'll obviously have to post more disclaimers from now on.

Next steps - I'm going to move down to the Valley. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but now finally I have a solid reason to make the big change. There's no way I'd do this commute daily, I don't know how others do it. Yahoo *really* needs a bus. Yes, I'm going to miss San Francisco like crazy, especially where I live now with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, two blocks away from the Presidio and the Palace of Fine Arts. But I can't wait for real Summer weather and my own little house, with a back yard on some quiet street. It's not like I *ever* take advantage of the things that SF offers anyways, I belong in suburbia. ;-)

Best thing? I finally get to use the gym at Yahoo! (Employees only perk). I joined 24 hour fitness online over a month ago and still haven't stepped NEAR an actual club, though I pass by three of them (count them) on the way home every day. It'll be nice to have it so accessible. (Stay tuned here for excuse why I haven't used Yahoo's Gym very soon...)



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