Another Standing Room Only MoMo!


We had a killer Mobile Monday last night, easily the best ever event. Check out the pictures tagged with Mobile Monday at Flickr, I've uploaded a bunch just now, hopefully more will be coming. And there may be some audio of the event available as well. I put a link up if I find it.

The presenters were amazing: Thanks again to Marc, Anita, Ted and Alan for making the long trek down to the Valley to present for us! They gave really great, insightful presentations about new concepts, technologies and products. I definitely took away a ton from the meeting. Also, the facilities were great, thanks to Microsoft, and the everyone who showed up was just excellent. At least 90 people packed the presentation room with standing room only. I can't believe how much buzz MoMo is starting to generate. And again, we had a great mix of techies, product people and others who showed as well which is the balance we've been looking for. The short 20-minute presentations are spot-on in length, keeps the topic focused and the question topical. Thanks to the original guys for teaching us how its done!

March's Meeting coincides with the Game Developer's Conference so we're going to be focusing on Mobile Gaming and from what I hear Mike is already lining up some great speakers. Definitely contact us if you're interested in presenting. And look for some cool new features and links on the website.

Stay tuned!


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