Wikipedia on your mobile


Wow, from the "damn, I wish I thought of this" department, someone out there has created a mobile proxy to the Wikipedia called The Wikipedia content is all GNU licensed so this is more than legal and quite useful. This is the same sort of thing that I was trying to do with Mobdex: there's a dearth of mobile content out there, so let's just grab some of the available sources and throw them out there and see what happens.

Mobdex by the way, is suffering. Since the break-in there's been various books that don't come up and I just haven't had time to fix them. I'll get around to it. By the way, "" wasn't taken, which I think is a much more apt name for this sort of service so I snagged it. GoDaddy has my PayPal account on file which makes it *way* too damn easy to grab a domain name. God knows what I'm going to do with it...



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