Six Apart Price Pool?


Considering the AP article about Six Apart and the announcement that NYT is buying for $410 million, which Doc estimates is about $820,000 per weblog, it makes you wonder how much 6A is going to sell out for.

Before the announcement, I would have said around $250 million. That's a wild-ass guess, I have no idea. 7 million blogs times $820,000 apiece would be $5,740,000,000,000 which is probably a bit high. But now I'm thinking Six Apart guys are going to announce a run up to an IPO any day now, and then get scooped up by one of the Internet giants soon thereafter: Yahoo, Google, MSN, or AOL. (Yes, I work for Yahoo, and NO I don't know anything about their plan. Can we just assume from now on that if I'm pontificating then I don't know shit and if I did, I wouldn't tell you anyways? Good.).

What's your guess? We need to get a blogger pool going. $20 and you're in, the person closest the sales price without going over wins. (Will we be able to confirm? Hmm.) Right now I'm thinking that 6A's sale is going to make what Microsoft paid for Hotmail look like lunch money.

Any takers? :-)


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