What a weekend. I'm wrecked.

I started yesterday around noon, shortly after posting something like "I think I'm going to call UHAUL". Well, I did and they had a 17' truck available at 4:30. So I figured I'd get the house packed in the four hours while I was waiting for the truck, then start loading up everything. I kinda thought I'd be able to get most everything into the truck by myself, since I got everything into the *apartment* by myself. But you know, Ikea furniture is a lot less manageable once it's all put together.

I got some boxes and then starting throwing stuff in them like crazy and of course four hours disappeared in no time. Then I went to go pick up the truck, and all these roads are blocked off down near where Mission Street and Van Ness cross, so it took me an hour and half to get home. So I started loading the truck at 6, thinking I was going to load it up and get on the road last night, but there was no way. By 10:30 I was wrecked and the truck was only half full. So I left the truck on the curb ($100 ticket in the morning) and went to bed, woke up at 6 a.m. and started loading again. By 9 I decided that it was as full as it was going to be, but I still hadn't gotten the big furniture in yet! (The couch, kitchen table, two dresser drawers, two shelves...). So I took off for Menlo Park and called Mike and Diego and asked them if they could help me unload. Thank god they said yes, I'd be in the hospital by now.

We unpacked the truck that took me 7 hours solo to load in about 20 minutes (of course) then all jumped back into the diesel monstrousity and headed back up the peninsula. We loaded up the big furniture (these guys rule), and the miscelaneous stuff I missed (like the entire kitchen. Doh!) and then drove back *down* to Menlo Park and unloaded. I then turned back around and went back to drop off the rental, take another look around the apartment, and then came back to Menlo Park around 7 p.m. (I thought I was sick of that commute before...)

The house was insane... we had just threwn stuff everywhere. So then I took the last few hours and tried to straighten things up and made surprisingly quick progress! I love this new house! It's actually a lot bigger than I thought, and all my furniture fit no problem at all. I figured once the furniture got in, it would seem even tinier, but it was the exact opposite. Rock.

While I was getting things unpacked and shelves up, etc. I was also doing my laundry in the machines out in the garage. What a pleasure. No quarters, old machines or waiting in line. I just brought out my clothes and sheets and stuff, dumped them in front of the machines loaded one up and went back into the house. Then I came out a little while later and put in another load. So nice. If I never have to use a coin-op shared laundry again in my life, I'll be so happy.

So there's no internet installed yet (I'm not so lucky as Diego)... I'm posting this over an insecure WiFi connection from one of my neighbors. The AP is called "shredder", which I hope doesn't live up to its name. I'm about to collapse, but figured I'd get this out there before people keep giving me tips on the move. I probably should have just hired some guys, but like I wrote, the earliest they could do it was Wednesday and I wanted to be out of the apartment and living here ASAP.

Man, I'm so tired... I'm just going to pass o... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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