AirPort Express for Video?


I just read this article about BlinkX is doing a deal with MovieLink and I thought hey that's great! Just one problem. My computer is in my office and my TV is in my living room. But wouldn't it be nice if there was a version of Apple's AirPort Express that instead of streaming audio, streamed video?

I'm sure someone (including Apple) has already thought of this. This is probably why the CFO the other day said that Apple wasn't going to do anything on the set top. I've used MovieLink, Starz On Demand and CinemaNow and I have to say there's not a thing wrong with streaming any of them over a decent broadband connection. I think I wrote about it before, the most amazing thing is when the site says "start watching in 30 seconds" they're not kidding. Full-screen videos on demand start playing in 30 seconds! It's just too bad they're playing on the wrong screen.

TiVo plus NetFlix might be nice if it ever comes about. But honestly, I don't need another hard drive and low-powered computer sitting on my TV, I just need it to play the video that my computer is serving up. Is there a device out there which does this already? Just a WiFi connection, plug and SVideo port? It seems like a no brainer. If Apple isn't working on an "iFlicks" service and accompanying device right now which will do exact this, they're just not thinking.

Just my thought for the day. Come on future, get here already!


Update: This would be a great device to have with Jeremy's new Brightcove. :-)

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