Happy Birthday Yahoo!


I just wandered in to Yahoo and the 10th anniversary celebrations are underway. (I've got my Y! T-shirt on... I'm a team player, baby). There's a big tent in the main courtyard where Sugar Ray will be playing later, and the elevators are covered with a bunch of neat before and after pictures. I was going to take a snap, but then I found this cool big booklet on my chair with all the pictures labeled "we were" and "we are". I snapped a shot of my favorite [Update: I replaced it with the official version I just found on the intranet. ;-)]. :-)

Here's a bunch of other photos. Wow... I remember some of those magazine covers.

I have to say it's kind of fun to be an employee at Yahoo right now, in that weird "the world centers around me" way. I just join on full-time, the 10th anniversary comes up, articles in Wired, stories in the papers (the Y! PR guys did a good job filling in a slow news week), there was a segment on Marketplace last night etc. Wild!

I'm sure it's probably cold in your part of the world (it's not exactly balmy here in the Bay Area either), but go get your free ice cream cone anyways.



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