My Mobile Favorites

In case you've missed it, I've put together quite a list of mobile and gadget oriented sites on my favorites page. I've mentioned it in passing before, but I think it deserves specific mention. The list comes directly from my Bloglines subscriptions, so only those sites which have RSS feeds are listed, but as most of the sites out there have gotten a clue, I've got a pretty complete list. And if not, then someone in that list will point out the good stuff on other sites as well.

Check out my favorites, if you haven't. The mobile stuff is in the top section (the other two sections are more news and weblogs that aren't as complete and just interest me). You can also use my Bloglines public version as well, which is what I see on a daily basis, though without the read/unread marks. You can also get the OPML list of my feeds as well. (Bloglines rulez).

If you glaring omision from the mobile section, please tell me!


P.S. I don't seem to have gotten any T-Shirt from Bloglines, despite them ripping off the I Heart Bloglines image I created a few weeks ago. One would think that their biggest promoter (i.e. me) would just spontaneously get a t-shirt in the mail, no? But nope, it seems that I need to specifically request one or something. Despite the fact that I basically designed the shirt... But hey. I'm not bitter or anything.

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