Suburbia with the family


So, the big news is that Ana and Alex have returned from Spain! They arrived yesterday and we're now unpacking and getting the little yellow house in order. Things were mostly unpacked before they arrived, but there's still lots of settling in to do. Alex of course had super jet-lag so he was up at 5:30 this morning, but that was okay. He was quite happy to rediscover his toys and his room (which is mysteriously located in another house...) and has been pretty happy all day. He's grown a ton, I can't believe it (he asked me for $20 and the keys to the car a couple minutes ago). We've had breakfast and we're off to discover one of the nearby parks a bit later.

Waking up in the burbs is so nice. The front of the house gets tons of sun, so we were able to hang out with coffee and watch the sun rise over the houses across the street. By 9 a.m. it was warm enough to open the doors (there are screen doors so Alex doesn't run off, though he's a bit timid so far about venturing out). The recent rains have made the ground a little soggy, but the smells are great. Opening the doors and the whole house smells like Spring. This week it's going to be sunny and in the 70s which is going to be so great. A little while ago there was a Dad and his little kid playing football across the street... it's so quaint here. The picture above is alex holding on to an orange freshly picked from our tree out back. So nice.

New job, new house, Winter's almost over and the fam is back. So far, so good... :-)


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