Another Slashdotting


Yay! I got Slashdotted. No worries... I don't mind. Well, probably because I haven't had a *bad* slashdotting yet where a gazillion people click through and take down my server. The three times I've been linked to, it's always been with a bunch of other links on topics that don't generate much interest with the Slashdot crowd.

In this instance, I was the 6th link on the Virgin 3G Radio story. But whoever submitted it considered me important enough to mention me by name, which was nice. It's giving me a nice bit of flow for a Sunday afternoon, and will have residual flow for the next few days actually, but nothing extraordinary. Between the Engadget link and Slashdot that quick post has gotten a couple thousand page views (that I can see from here, not counting RSS reads).

That's really how it always is. First impressions on new technology is always the best type of post. People love to hear about it and get a sense of what it's like before they get a chance to try it themselves. That's what Engadget is tapping in to, if you think about it. That primal geek urge to know about the cutting edge. I'll have to get off my ass and write some more posts like that.



Update: Doh! I just woke up to find that my server's been down for the past five hours. Joy. It's actually not the Slashdotting, but a memory hole in Mobdex. I think I'm going to take that webapp down until the day when I can clean it up so it stops taking down my server overnight (it's happened before). -R

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