256M of DV RS-MMC Goodness


My new memory card for my Nokia 6630 came in yesterday! Woo-hoo? Yeah, I know. I'm happy, but it's hard to get too excited. It's still a far cry short of the 1GB SD cards people are putting into their non-Nokia phones, but it's better than the 64MB card I was stuck with for the past several months. I went from 512MB on my 6620 (which supports normal MMC cards) to only 64MB on my 6630 because Nokia decided to use some insanely proprietary memory format called "Dual Volt Reduced Sized MMC". It's insane.

I can't *wait* for a Nokia phone that supports the SD format. I may even swap over to that cool Samsung slider phone if it ever sees the light of day, I swear. Then again, Nokia keeps handing me these cool phones to try for free... so I can't be too bitchy, can I? I don't know though, paying a $50 premium for a anemicly sized memory card just so I can finally have enough room to demo videos on my kick-ass smart phone is pretty annoying.

Anyways, if you're a 6630 owner and a jonesing for more storage space, USAMemory.net was fast and easy.


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