Mobdex is down


I've got a memory leak somewhere, and I think it's in Mobdex, so I've taken it down. Sorry for the inconvenience if you're in the middle of a free eBook via RSS. It was just an experiment anyways.

I am actually going to be moving my stuff to PHP sometime very soon. The blog will move to WordPress 1.5 and the server itself will go from Tomcat to Apache/PHP. I was happy when I moved to Tomcat last year, but amazingly, the past few revs have really screwed up the server. Relying on Java 1.5, not paying attention to the JSTL builds, memory problems (I didn't have these problems on my other server with an older version of Tomcat) and more. Time to move on to PHP like every other web developer out there.

Once I've done that and grokked a bit how to get PHP developed, I'll bring Mobdex back up.


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