My First Official Yahoo Blog Post


Hey, check it out! I just posted my first official Yahoo Blog post. I must really be part of the company now, hey? It's an overview of My Yahoo's new Mobile RSS service which you can check out by navigating to on your WAP 2.0 phone or send the link directly to your phone here. You'll find your My Yahoo feeds under the News heading.

It was kind of fun to write, actually. I got asked if I'd write up something quick, so I zipped upstairs and talked to the product managers, asked all the questions I thought blog readers would ask (like "when's the next version coming?"), tested out the service on my phone, found a bug and reported it, grokked the big picture, took some screen shots and wrote up a quick post about the launch. Done.

Beyond not being able to use four letter words, and talking in the "we" form (to signify all of Yahoo - I had nothing to do with this product), it was pretty much like writing for this blog. It did get checked out by the product managers before publication who mostly suggested I be a little less enthusiastic. :-) Hey, what can I say? The switch only goes two ways. (I think they were checking to make sure I didn't drop any F-bombs actually).

I can't wait until I can start blogging about the products *I'm* working on next.



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