Post to Flickr From LifeBlog


So yesterday at ETech I was talking to Christian Lindholm (who immediately berated me for not ever producing a LifeBlog review - the reason he and Charlie gave me my fancy-shmancy 6630 to use in the first place) and I was telling him how I was working with Erik to get LifeBlog to post from the phone to Flickr. He nodded sagely, but then one of his coworkers broke the news: Flickr now supports LifeBlog's Atom-based posting mechanism. Nice! (Now what do I do with the domain? No seriously...)

To try it go to You'll get a different password from your normal Flickr password and a URL to use in the settings. I like the handset version of LifeBlog a lot (the desktop part less so - especially since I moved to a Mac at home) and I like Flickr as well, so combining the two is perfect.

I tested it out yesterday, uploading several images at once and it works very well. Much smoother than trying to attach all to an email address or uploading another way. The only problem I found is that it's not attached to the Blog Posting mechanism that the email is, so even though I uploaded the photos, they didn't go through onto my blog via XMLRPC. I think that would've been great.

I owe these guys a review of LifeBlog 1.5 which I'll do this weekend, but if you're using the client right now and Flickr, you should definitely try this out. In fact, it's cool enough that if you *haven't* gotten LifeBlog on your Series 60 phone yet, this would be reason to get it now.



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