Extraordinary Machine


The news is spreading that Fiona Apple's unreleased two year old album is gaining popularity on the internet. I hadn't heard about it until now, so I'm happy that the traditional news agencies are picking this up. I *like* Fiona Apple's music (I like piano in general, her voice and anyone who covers a Beatles tune) so this is great news. I've just had a chance to hear it and it sounds good!

I've had BitTorrent running all day since I grabbed it last night from this torrent over at TorrentBox. It's actually better than the one listed first in the Search Engines for "Fiona Apple .torrent".

Man, a fully produced album completely tossed in the garbage? Fiona's said some dumb-ass things, but I wonder what she did to piss-off Epic/Sony that bad? It's building momentum underground and they *still* won't release the album?

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