BitTorrent Rules


BitTorrent just continues to amaze me. I've been using BitTorrent to grab big files for easily over a year now, but since I've gotten my Mac mini, it's gone to a whole new level of usefulness and utility. For example, I was just thinking about grabbing the latest version of Ubunto to try out and instead of hunting around for an ftp mirror that was both open and had a reasonable bandwidth, I just clicked on the BitTorrent link instead and downloaded 592MB in less than an hour. No searching, no dropped connections, nada. The Fiona Apple CD the other day was just as easy. And because I don't really notice any lag on my system, I'm more likely to just keep the client running, serving up files for others as well.

Very cool. Count me as a convert (again).

Update: Ooops. I grabbed the wrong version of Ubuntu - I got the install not the Live CD. This time I accidentally clicked on one of the download links (thinking it was an anchor to the torrents) and was getting about 14kbps download speed (and 15 hour download times) when I realized what I had done, I snagged the torrent instead and am getting 205kbps from 4 peers. Rock.


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