Mike has put together a new blog called FeedHacks to keep track of some projects he's working on. The first one is a plug in for WordPress which allows you to include RSS results directly into your blog post.

This is what it would look like if I made the switch to WordPress already (I started towards that direction this weekend, believe it or not, but I wasn't nearly as productive as Mike.):

The yahoo tag also takes the 'search' attribute, and the attribute should just contain the term to search for. The tagsurf and delicious tags both take either a 'user' attribute or a �tag� attribute. The technorati tag takes a 'cosmos' attribute, and the rss tag takes an 'href' attribute. For instance, this is the delicious RSS for the tag linux. What I put in the post is <delicious tag="linux" />. And rendered that looks like this:

  1. G E E K T O O L S
  2. Virtual Server Administration / UNIX Commands
  3. www.muru.com
  4. LinuxQuestions.org Man Pages Online
  5. Main Page - Xbox-Linux

Neat. I've got get up to speed on PHP soon.


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