Orb is now Free


Ted Shelton, EVP of Operations over at Orb.com just announced that Orb's services are now free. They were going to cost $10 a month because they were worried about bandwidth costs, but now have opened it up and will go an ad-supported route. Very cool. In case you missed it, Ted gave a talk about Orb.com at February's fantastic Mobile Monday. (Which is coming again next week and I will be posting about momentarily).

I know Ted has a nice shiny PowerBook at home that he uses, so I won't grouse about the lack of Macintosh support since I'm now a snobby Apple guy - I know it's on Ted's list of things to do as well. And then after that if they can get it working on my PSP... now *that* will rock though house. (Okay, that's the last mention of my new toy for a while. At least 24 hours ;-).

Hmm... Actually, I've got a Windows XP laptop sitting at home in my closet gathering dust. I bet you can load that thing up as a media server pretty easily and try it out on my 6630 again. Hmm. I now have my evening project.

It's a damn neato service - go check it out now that it's free as in beer!


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