Babble MVNO: LOL


I agree with Staci over at that this is definitely the best April Fool's joke I've seen so far. From Mark Lowenstein over at Mobile Ecosystem:

Several wireless industry veterans announced their plans today to launch an MVNO for the largest, as yet unaddressed market for wireless phones - young infants. The MVNO, to be called Babble, will target the more than ten million children in the United States under the age of two. Wireless penetration in this segment is near zero today.

Babble has done a great deal of research to develop the appropriate set of service wireless features, devices, and content that babies have been crying out for. One of the unique aspects of the service plan is "Free Middle of the Nights", where all incoming and outgoing calls will be free between 2am and 6am. "We realized that while babies are often up during that time, very few others are using the network during the early morning hours", said Scooby-Doo, the new celebrity spokesperson for Babble. Another innovative service, called Family PTT, allows two or more Babble phones within a household to be used as baby monitors. Of all the PTT initiatives launched so far, industry analysts believes Family PTT has the best chance of successfully competing with Nextel's Direct Connect service.

It goes on to talk about "BabyTones", "BabyIM" and "BabyGames" delivered from the "I Want It Now!" service... Hysterical. Honestly, the name is the best part. "Babble," LOL. I love it!



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