Mobile Monday April Details!


It's Mobile Monday tonight! Woohoo!

Sorry for the delay in the details! Here's the directions and here's tonight's speakers:

Igor Jablokov (Program Director, Multimodal & Voice Portals, IBM Software Group) - This presentation will describe some of IBM's mobile initiatives and how our industry is preparing itself for the delivery of multimodal content, both in next generation mobile and media services. Multimodality blends speech input/output with visual Web applications; imagine wading through hundreds of cable channels just by asking your digital video recorder for "The Simpsons", or asking your phone for local weather and having a 5 day forecast displayed instantly, or asking your media player to start playing Mozart. These are just some of the potential uses, with many more examples possible for enterprise applications such as mail, calendaring, travel information or sales force automation.

Fabrizio Capobianco (CEO and founder of Funambol, the company behind the open source mobile platform Sync4j): He is going to talk about how Sync4j became one of the largest developers community in mobile (with more then 10,000 downloads a month) and the launch of its free Address Book and Calendar synchronization portal (which will allow you to synchronize your contacts and schedule between your Outlook, iPod, Palm, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices).

Jeff Clavier and Marc Brown (Buzznet): Many know about as the "other" photosharing site featuring active communities, tagging/folksonomies, syndication, web services API, etc. Jeff, who leads Buzznet's Business Development, will therefore focus on their mobile functionality and introduce the Buzznet Platform, a hosted solution enabling communities and publishers to offer advanced photosharing functionality to their users.

Thad White (Senior Director, Product Management at Yahoo!): Thad is going to talk about lessons learned from Yahoo's recent mobile product launches including Mobile Clippings (send directions to your phone) and the new My Yahoo Mobile site. Also the challenges of offering new mobile services to Yahoo's huge number of Internet users.

It should be fun! I've heard one of the above speakers is even going to be demoing a new mobile product tonight on the handset for the first time! And even if the topics aren't interesting to you, please feel free to come out and mingle.

See you tonight!


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