Go Read Paul Golding's Blog

You know, I'm always coming up with all sorts of ideas. A lot I share here, some I keep to myself (mostly because they're half baked), and many I use at work. All of them to me are unique and brilliant and make me think I'm some sort of idea savant and cool as hell. So it's to my utmost annoyance to see that in fact, a lot of those ideas have already been thought up by someone else. Dammit! I want to be a unique and special snowflake! :-) Actually, I'm just kidding but that is my first visceral reaction when I see cool ideas that I think are rather unique written out somewhere else (and of course expanded on in ways I hadn't thought of). First you get a little annoyed, then sad, then you deny that you even saw it, etc. I'm finally at the point of acceptance and admiration.

That's an odd introduction to a blog I've been following for the past few weeks called Wireless Wonders by Paul Golding. He's written a book (which I just purchased) on next generation wireless apps, and is writing 100 ideas for mobile apps, some of which are brilliant. Go check them out - he's up to idea 44 already. And interspersed is some decent commentary on the industry in general.

This is my type of blog! Paul just puts it out there for everyone to see, it's great. Personally I think there are way too many Link Blogs out there. This sort of blog where someone shares new ideas and observations is a great find, especially since it's about mobility.

His freakin' book cost $90. Can you believe that? Mobile-oriented books are *so* expensive, it's insane. I should write one!


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