Weekend with the folks


My parents are here for a few days visiting their grandkid (and us of course, though we're obviously second rans in that contest). We all just woke up and had a nice coffee and toast in the living room with the sun streaming in the windows and the birds chirping outside. Very suburban, I love it.

It's so nice to have a third bedroom - which is usually my office - for visitors to stay in. Before when my parents visited they used to stay in a hotel because the two bedroom was just too cramped. But now we have an Ikea fold-out sofa bed I just got last weekend and it makes the third room into a comfortable guest room. It's not one of those big, uncomfortable sofa beds though. This one folds out horizontally and is made of a real mattress (with springs, etc.) so that it feels like a real bed when it's flat, but doesn't have any sides so when it's folded up, it doesn't take much space and makes the room into sort of a sun room/office.

Luckily it looks like a sunny day today. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do. I'm glad we're down here on the Pennisula since my parents have seen just about everything in San Francisco from years of previous trips out. We may go down to Saratoga just to see the downtown (I saw a program on it on Bay Area Backroads) or we may just hang out. My parents are interested in seeing the gardens behind Sunset Magazine. They're open to the public, but I'm not sure their hours. Anyways, we'll think of something.

It's nice that I'm sitting out here in the dining room with the PowerBook again so I don't miss having my coffee at my desk in the office.



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