Nokia at Stanford


John Kern (another Menlo Park resident) just blogged about Nokia's talk last night at Stanford about "Mobile Social Computing." I haven't seen the presentation yet, but amazingly it's already available online here. Wow, that's fast - these guys must have the whole recording/publishing down to a science. Very, very cool. I can't wait to take some time to see it.

A couple thoughts about this. I know that Stanford has a bunch of feeds describing talks like this, I've got to figure out which ones have the cool stuff like this one. Secondly, Mike and I have to work out how to get people to give such in depth talks at Mobile Monday. I think it would really add a lot of value to the meetups.

Last thought: Stanford is obviously hip enough to be able to publish a talk immediately - when will they get hip to RSS Enclosures? Or are they and I don't know it? I can't wait for the next stage of podcasting: video. Wouldn't it be cool to have this sort of stuff show up on my TiVo?


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