Mobile Domains Redux

I did something bad yesterday. Stupid. Moronic. Someone needs to hold an intervention. I registered for my server. I'm not sure why, I'm really not. It just seemed like the absolute coolest thing in the world to have for enough time for me to fill out the web form and buy it. I'm having domain buyers regret. I have so many domains coming up for renewel and I'm ignoring most of them. Want They're all coming up soon. Just like will come up next year as well.

I'm not the only bad one though. I noticed recently that has been registered by Cingular. I wonder how long they've had that domain? I think just recently. was a site that sold walkers and wheelchairs, now it points to Bell Mobility (a Canadian carrier). How much did these guys shell out? So hey, if Cingular can lay down cash on a domain like that I can buy, no?

By the way, someone recently asked me why I say "mobile phone" and not "cell phone." Mostly because it's European-sounding, thus gives the impression of a next generation device. But also because that's the name of the industry and to separate it cleanly from "wireless". I think I may have written that before here.

I would've like to have snagged, that would've rocked. But is pretty cool as well. Yeah, yeah. I know. I need help.


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