Mobile Monday Los Angeles Next Week!


I wanted to give a little shout out for the boys in LA who are having their inaugural Mobile Monday Los Angeles meeting this Monday, April 18th! Marc from Buzznet and Albert from Tomo Software are putting it on. Wohoo! The topic is the LA Mobile Industry Ecology and will include "brief annoucements from mobile companies based in Los Angeles and an informal meet-n-greet so you can get to know the LA mobile scene." Very cool.

If you don't know, Southern California is a hotbed of mobile activity right now. Every media company down there has open reqs for "VPs of Wireless" and there's lots of little shops making tie-in games for movies, and playing with promotions like the American Idol SMS stuff.

Two things, one- how weird is that .la TLD? What country is *that*? And honestly, our MoMo here in the North is "Silicon Valley's Mobile Meetup", not "Frisco." Sheesh, these freakin' Southern Californians.


Actually, I wish I had thought of writing this sooner, since Dave is having his Seattle Mobile meetup right now! Quick, rush over there if you're reading this and in Seattle! :-)

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