May Mobile Monday At Sun Microsystems! Topic: Digital Identity


Mike has put together a fantastic Mobile Monday lineup for May. It's going to be held at Sun Microsystems on May 2nd and focus on Digital Identity.

The presenters are:

* Marc Canter - Marc is CEO of Broadband Mechanics and seemingly involved in just about anything happening online ;-) Marc is going to give a backgrounder on identity (what is it, what's out there), talk about how mobility and identity intersect, and talk about Sxip in particular.

* Simon Nicholson - Simon is the Chair of the Business & Marketing Expert Group at the Liberty Alliance. Simon also represents Sun at standards organizations and industry consortia such as the W3C, OASIS and OMA. He will be talking about the role federated identity can play in monetizing 3G networks.

* David Rivas - David is Chief Technology Officer of the Client Systems Group at Sun Microsystems, where he has worked closely with the wireless industry to advance next-generation mobile data services. David is going to be talking about identity as it relates to Java and security overall.

* Amy Jo Kim - Amy is founder and principal of SocialDesigner.Net (formerly NAIMA), a design studio specializing in networked products and services for clients like Digital Chocolate, Electronic Arts, eBay, Limelife, NetFlix, and the BBC. She's going to be talking about identity with respect to social trends in mobile entertainment.

Very, very cool! Check out the MoMo Blog for more info! Hope to see you all there!


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