M:Metrics: American Mobile Usage Stats - March 2005

US Mobile Subscriber Consumption of Content and Applications
M:Metrics Benchmark Report: March 2005
Activity Projected Monthly
Reach (000s)
Percent US
Mobile Subscribers
Change from
Previous Report
Sent Photo Message to Phone or Email 12,827 7.3% +4.8%
Downloaded Ringtone 23,192 13.2% +0.4%
Received Text Message Alert 15,289 8.7% -0.9%
Sent or Received Text Message 64,035 36.4% -2.5%
Downloaded Mobile Game 5,980 3.4% -4.0%
Used Mobile Instant Messenger 14,736 8.4% -4.5%
Accessed News and Information via Browser 21,534 12.2% -4.8%

Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright 2005. Survey of US mobile subscribers. Data based on three-month moving average for period ending March 31, 2005, n= 34,815

Nice! It looks like M:Metrics is going to release this data on a regular basis. This is killer to help educate the industry as a whole and spur discussion. If you read the press release you'll see that though most mobile content consumption areas dipped due to seasonality, photo messaging is still on the rise. They also said that AOL rules mobile IM with 73.8% of users, but Yahoo is the preferred mobile email choice with 49.6%. Great to know.

Awesome. I can't wait until M:Metrics goes international!


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