T Minus 35 Hours And Counting


We got our travel confirmations today, so Mike and I are taking off for Helsinki on Saturday morning. I need to do everything from get a hair cut to wash/iron clothes for the trip to charge all my various electronic devices to keep me entertained for the 16 hour flight.

I haven't flown internationally since I came back from Spain. I'm looking forward to the conference, but really dreading the flight. I'm a big guy, and I just don't fit on airplanes very well. I've written here before, and I'll write it again that my definition of being "rich" is to have enough cash to always buy First Class tickets to international destinations I want without worrying about it. These tickets usually run around $10-15k or so, so you do the math. Boy, when I have that amount cash floating around, I'll be happy.

Anyways, I've heard it's Spring weather in Finland, so I've got to find a jacket around here as well. Crap my suitcase is in the garage where the big-ass spiders live. That's not going to be fun. Oh, man, I just looked up the exchange rate: 1 Euro = $1.29 right now. Oh My! You know when I moved to Spain in 2000, it was worth around $0.80. Yep, them were the good ol' days. Top it off, I got some sort stomache thing today again and I snore like crazy. (Mike's reading this right now thinking of Planes Trains and Automobiles, I'm sure...).

Man, remember when travelling to another country was fun and exciting? :-)


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