Posting at 35,000 Feet


So Mike and I are playing dueling weblog posts... we're on an SAS flight from Chicago to Stockholm (after arriving to ChiTown this morning from San Jose) and lo-and-behold this is one of those flights with WiFi Internet connectivity. Insanely great.

Not only that, but somehow we got bumped up to Business Class or better. I'm in *heaven*. I couldn't believe it. I was bitching about cramped seating and the general pain of flying all morning, and was dreading the longer flight from Chicago. As we were arriving to the SAS gate I told Mike that I bet we were going to lose our seats together because we arrived a bit late. It looked for a second like that wasn't going to happen when they stamped our tickets, but then as we were passing through the entryway, they said, "oh-oh, we have to change your tickets." And I told Mike, "See?!?" And then they came back with seats 9A and 9B. I was in shock.

The seats are *huge* and we're getting all the perks of upper class - cloth napkins, great meals, and a custom private media center on which I'm currently watching The Phantom of the Opera (with the included noise-reduction headphones). While we were taking off they showed the view from the cockpit on the monitors, and then a shot from below. It was insane. And now I'm connected using WiFi... I remember reading about Loic moblogging from the air not too long ago, I can't believe I'm doing the same thing so soon thereafter. Mike just took a screenshot of the bandwidth... Not great for uploading stuff, but not bad.

I'm bummed the flight isn't longer (i.e. I wish we were on this plane only from SJ to Helsinki!).

I'm on IM for the next few hours. Say hi, you know, just to say you did it.



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