iSync is Wacked


So I just got my new Nokia 6680 in the mail this morning (Chinese version, bleh. No Spanish dictionary for me and weird "thin" fonts... oh well.). I decided I wanted to sync my contacts from my 3230 back to my Mac mini before I moved over to the 6680, but iSync is completely wacked. My contact list is the only thing that I've added to the 3230 since I knew I was getting rid of it, so this should be the easy part - just sync and I'm done, right?

Nope. I pull up iSync and when I select the 3230 (the one I added which looks like a 7650 - my favorite phone ever), I got a wonderful, user-friendly, Mac-like: "???" in red question marks. Joy. So then I decide to do a scan for Bluetooth devices to re-add the phone. See the picture above? It lists the 6620, 6630 and a Moto A845. I have none of those phones available for my mini to find. None. The Moto is turned off (I think the battery is dead) in my closet and the 6620 and 6630 aren't even in my house. But iSync added them, one at at time, like it was detecting them live. I returned the 6630 back to Nokia in Finland, actually... so either Bluetooth suddenly has a range of 4,000 miles or it's completely borked.

And, if you'll notice, the 3230, which is sitting here with Bluetooth turned on not 2 feet away from the Mini, *isn't* detected. I just sent my mini a photo to test and yep, no problems. They're even paired, so my mini doesn't even ask for a password or anything.

Wacky. Someday, someone will allow me to sync my phones easily. I swear. I've only been waiting three years for it, right? I guess I can wait some more.


Update: Bj�rn Giesler just left me a comment which explains that the 3230 Sync Hack is broken after the 10.4.1 update. That explains the ??? weirdness. Why the update would break the hack (which is just a simple change in a config file), I have *no* idea. I guess I won't be syncing my 6680 now either.

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