Mobile Games: Supply Vs. Demand


Sorry if I just broke your browser/aggregator. I'm trying to give you a visual of what I think is a real problem in the mobile games market. It's a bubble. First, even with the billions of people who are going to be playing these games, the amount of same-ol same-ol games that are flooding the market is going to kill it. To me supply is quickly out pacing demand, and it's going to be 1983 again.

Secondly, these are just the games that are available for a Series 60 phone which I found available for free online at a cracks site. Do a search. The files are so small - none more than 200k, that they're psychotically easy to store hundreds on your phone (my phone has 256MB of storage, soon to be much more).

Yes, we're going to be moving to 3D games and online multiplayer games soon which could save those companies that make the transition quickly, but I think there's going to be serious problems to all but the big game producers, if there isn't already.

Finally, like I've said before, I think that mobile media is going to start sucking up a lot of the time that people are now spending playing games on their mobile. Professional content, amateur content and your PVR's content are going to be available on the go.

People only have a finite amount of time which they spend on their mobiles and I can see the options for filling that time are quickly reaching a saturation point.


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